1950’s Vintage Car PowerPoint Graphic


Instant download only $1.99! Buy Now Classic vintage car image to suggest riding in style, or how some ideas never lose their appeal. This fully re-sizable PowerPoint slideshow graphic has a transparent background and will sit cleanly on top of ANY background. Front license plate is blank so you can drop in a logo, or type in text (the graphic has a pre-formatted text box already in place for you). You also get the backgrounds shown at left, and a nifty pre-formatted bullet slide so you can type and show!  00012

Secret of the PowerPoint Pros – Overlay Graphic Instantly Creates Magical Slides!

powerpoint art graphic of white to transparent overlay effect download purchase

Instant download only $1.99!
Buy NowYou’ll find this clever, versatile graphic to be extremely useful in building slides that have appealing photographs or art as backgrounds. This white box has an edge that elegantly fades to transparent, allowing you to overlay it on top of a photograph or background and create an artistic, professional-looking bar of white in which text can then be placed, as in the “After” examples shown on the left. Fully re-sizeable and can be rotated and placed in any position on the slide. You also get 4 additional time-saver slides with the graphic pre-positioned left, right, top, and bottom. Just copy and paste! Buy this secret of the pros now and you’ll use it over and over!  Great value! 00011

Show Slowness With This Perfect Turtle PowerPoint Slideshow Graphic!


Instant download only $1.49!
Buy NowPerfect for discussing anything that’s moving slow: the economy, production, software, a process,etc. Always gets a smile from your audience and gets the point across. You get three slides: one with the resizable graphic and optional shadow. A second slide has the turtle and line of bullets all formatted for you to just type and show. The third slide is really special as you can enter your text and when you show it, the turtle takes about 5 seconds to slowly crawl across the slide, which really gets the point (and the turtle) across. Buy today and use it over and over!  00010

Celebrate with a Colorful Fireworks PowerPoint Slideshow Graphic!


Instant download only $1.00!
Buy Now Make a impact in your next PowerPoint presentation with this powerful fireworks graphic. We sifted through hundreds of photos to find just the right image that instantly communicates the celebratory beauty of fireworks. You get 3 slides: one with the full size gorgeous graphic, and two with differently shaped, resizable, pre-formatted, and animated text boxes so you can just type and show!   00009

Illustrate Cookie-Cutter Mentality with This Perfect PowerPoint Graphic

PowerPoint slideshow graphic  for purchase building

Instant download only $1.00
Buy Now This superb PowerPoint graphic of skyscraper windows perfectly illustrates conformity, uniformity, and cookie-cutter thinking. You get two slides: one with the re-sizable graphic, the other with a pre-formatted text box and cool semi-transparent white box that highlights your text but allows the graphic to show through.  00008

NEW! Goldfish Graphic & Animated Slide


Instant download only $1.00
Buy NowThis perfect goldfish graphic has a transparent background and will sit on top of any background. You can copy and past this graphic into your PowerPoint presentation once, or several times to make a school! You also get a second slide in which a group of three goldfish automatically swim across the slide, for a fun effect!   00007

The Heat’s ON in this Hot Slide!

hot burning coals graphic

Instant download only .75 cents

Buy NowYou can almost feel the energizing heat radiating off this great slide. Ideal for introducing topics where you want to impress upon others some hot ideas. You get two slides, one with the graphic and one with a pre-formatted, re-sizable text box and we throw in a very cool semi-transparent box so the text is readable and the graphic shows through!   00006

Introduce A Discussion of the Future With This Powerful “Road Ahead” Slide


Instant download only .75 cents
Buy NowDo you ever want to say, “here’s where the rubber meets the road?” Well, here’s the perfect slide image for that, as well as for introducing a section in your presentation about the road ahead. You get one slide with the graphic, and a second slide with a very sharp-looking clean, pre-formatted, re-sizable semi-transparent text box – just type and zoom on!    00005

Motivate Them With this Great Sky Slide!


Instant download only .75 cents
Buy NowCarefully selected from hundreds of photos this slide is, we feel, the perfect “things are looking up” or “the sky’s the limit” image. You get one slide with just the graphic, and a second slide with a resizable, pre-formatted text box. Plus, the second slide has a very cool set of automatic animations so that it “builds” automatically to really catch their attention!    00004

Cloud Slide for the Heavenly Touch

fish_red3Instant download only .75 cents!Buy Now We sifted through literally hundreds of photos to find just the right image to suggest inspiration and to read clearly as a bright, sunny sky. You get a PowerPoint file with the cloud background on one slide, and a pre-formatted, automatically animated, completely resizable opaque text box on a second slide -- simply type your text in!     00003

Tug on Their Hearts With This Sweet Dog PowerPoint Graphic

PowerPoint slide graphic of sweet funny dog dalmation Instant Download Only $1.00
Buy Now Need to capture sympathy, wake ‘em up a little, or insert a moment of gentle humor? This wonderful dog graphic is a sure-fire way to add interest and get your point across. Transparent background! Will sit cleanly on top of any template or background. Left- and right-side views included. Buy it now and use it over and over! 00002

PowerPoint Slideshow Graphic Art

PowerPoint slide graphic art for purchase to use in PowerPoint slideshow Instant download only $1.00  
Buy Now Perfect for slides that need a building, factory, warehouse, or store graphic. Two colors: Yellow and orange. Transparent backgrounds. 6 slides of various views and sizes (small, medium, and large). Pre-formatted so you can easily type in labels. 00001